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Sea Marshall Man Overboard Alert and Rescue System
Personal and Industry Specific Applications

General Purpose MOB System

Marine and commercial fishing, passenger vessels, ferry boats, tour boats and marine construction barges.

Work Boat

Pilot boats, tugs, barges, supply vessels, merchant marine, research vessels, passenger vessels, ferries and piers. 

Oil & Gas

The ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) version of the Sea Marshall MSLD is used throughout the Oil & Gas industry.  


Offshore Helicopter Transit

Helicopter specific Sea Marshall high-power personal locator beacon for use in offshore passenger transits.


Wharf, jetty, pier or any remote maritime operation are prime candidates for MOB alert & locate systems. 


Commercial divers, scuba divers and dive boat operators are using the Sea Marshall lost diver locating system. 


The pressure proof (300m) Sea Marshall submariner PLB tracks personnel who have emergency exited. 

What is a Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD)?

An MSLD is a simple, two part, self managed Alert & Locate system used to provide safety cover for virtually
any application on, under or around water. An MSLD system is normally made up of two components.

  1. ALERTING UNIT 'SOS' transmitter worn on the person (PLB)
  2. BASE UNIT monitor/receiver/alarm/locator

What is the range when using the standard AU9 100mW or Extended Range AU9 500mW