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Sea Marshall® Search and Rescue MOB Rescue Systems
Man Overboard First Responders Alert and Locate Solutions

Applications: Public Safety, military first responders, and water rescue professionals. Types of craft would include, Fast Rescue Vessels, Zodiacs, Fast Response cutters, Multi-mission Helicopters, Surveillance Aircraft, Search and Rescue Vessels, Rapid Response vessels ribs. 

Who wanted to buy: Bridgeport Fire Department, Canadian Coast Guard, Chilean SAR, Chilean Airforce, Maritime Incident Response Group

Why: To provide automatic and immediate alarms to the crew o a MOB situation as well as precision direction back to the rescuer or MOB. The direction finders would have to accommodate a wide variety of vessels, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

406 Local Emergency Receiver

The 406 Local Emergency Receiver is a highly effective 406 beacon decoder/receiver. This device can function as a lost diver locator, a man overboard alert, PLB NMEA location decoder, a PLB detection & location receiver and local or search and rescue distress alarm.
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Man Overboard, Sea Marshall® AU9 fully automatic digital personal locator beacon
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Automatic activation upon immersion
  • Protects you and your crew day and night
  • Long range homing signal on 121.5MHz
  • Can be tracked by SARfinder® or Coastguard
  • Robust marine construction (environmentally tested)
  • User replaceable battery + auto low battery indicator
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew

  • 100mW or 500mW AU9 power output option available

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Lifejacket sold separately.

AU9 100m
WLive Frequency Unit -  AU9 100mW LIVE-121.5MHz 

Test Frequency Unit - AU9 100mW  T1 121.65MHz

Test Frequency Unit - AU9 100mW T2 121.75MHzAU9 

Frequency Unit -  AU9 500mW LIVE-121.5MHz 

Test Frequency Unit - AU9 500mW T1 121.65MHz

Test Frequency Unit  - AU9 500mW T2 121.75MHz



Crewguard GPS Plot MOB Alarm Only System

A low cost alternative for man overboard automatic man overboard Alarm Safety System with GPS plot.
  1. Person wearing AU9 falls overboard
  2. Crewguard receives 'SOS' signal, automatically raises alarm, automatically plots GPS position of boat
  3. Boat tracks back to GPS position and if necessary radios Coast Guard to report missing person
  4. If outside help is needed, SAR authorities can track missing person on 121.5MHz

The Crewguard GPS plot MOB Alarm system includes the following components

  • 1 x Crewguard MOB Alarm pre-wired to CREWFIX® NMEA box (for GPS plot)
  • 1 x External Antenna with bracket & 5m of cable

  • The AU9 unit in this package is available in two power ouputs; 100mW or 500mW please specify at time of purchase

Crewguard CG-121 MKII (Rev A)
pre-wired to Crewfix® NMEA box
Dedicated Man Overboard Alarm Base Unit
  • NEW heavy duty waterproof metal enclosure
  • Automatic immediate MOB alerting
  • Auto siren & flashing LED MOB warning indicators
  • Signal strength indicator (near or far)
  • Training Frequencies 121.65MHz & 121.75MHz· 12V Power  (24 to 12V DC converter available)
  • External Siren included for loud audio MOB alerting
  • Intergrated CREWFIX® NMEA GPS output
  • External antenna with mounting brackets
  • Comes with 5m cable and plugs/fittings/bracket

View Details & Spec Sheet for this Product/Application

NOTE For correct NMEA interface value please specify
the type of NMEA ouptut your GPS plotter has.

CG-121 MKII NMEA MOB Package

Product Code
(CG121 Alarm Only Package 02-112-S)


SARfinder® GPS Plot Self Managed Man Overboard LOCATING System

  1. Person wearing NEW AU9 high power man overboard Alerting Unit (PLB) falls overboard
  2. SARfinder® receives "SOS"™ signal, automatically raises alarm, automatically plots GPS position of boat
  3. SARfinder® shows direction of missing person on compass style LED display and approximate range
  4. Boat tracks "SOS" signal, if outside help is needed, SAR authorities can track missing person on 121.5MHz

The SARfinder® GPS plot MOB locating system package includes the following items:

  • 1 - SARfinder® Alarm & Locator unit pre-wired into CREWFIX® NMEA box (for automatic GPS plot)
  • 16 meters of cable, connectors, head, power cable and antenna
  • 1 - 24/12 volt step down transformer
  • View Details & Spec Sheet for this Product/Application

    The AU9 Alerting Units are available in two power outputs: 100mW or 500mW, please specify at time of purchase.

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