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Sea Marshall® Lone Worker MOB Systems - Man Overboard Alert and Locate System

Applications:  Dock workers, Fish farms, Coal unloading, Grain unloading, Hopper dredges, Dredges, barges and bridge construction, LNG plants, Offshore service personnel, Lock workers

Who wanted to buy?  Texaco, Patriot Coal, Allegany Power, Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB), Army Corps of Engineers, St James River Fleet Reserve

Why?  To provide an immediate alarm either local alarm or remote alarm (up to 5 cell or landlines) to notify personnel in the area there is a MOB incident on Pier # 8.  Many companies were able to alleviate an employee on duty, as there was no need to have a “spotter”.  In many cases the system payback was within a couple of months.  Note in some applications, it was felt that extended range was required and a super quick activation of the alert and the alarm (5 seconds), without a chance of false activation

Lone Worker Systems

  1. Employee wearing AU9 man overboard plb, falls into the water
  2. Crewguard MOB monitor installed in the control room picks up ‘SOS’ signal and raises the alarm.
  3. Crewguard activates telephone auto-dialler to call 1st of four numbers with voice message “Man Overboard at Jetty 1, please respond”, this will continue until someone acknowledges the call.
  4. Rescue boat with SARfinder® locator is deployed to recover MOB, if outside assistance is required Coastguard can track missing person via AU9, 121.5MHz homing signal.

The Unmanned Area Crewguard Lone Worker system is made up of the following components (sold separately):
  • Crewguard ‘Unmanned Area’ lone worker MOB monitor
  • AU9 man overboard Alerting Units, as required
  • SARfinder® GPS plot locator unit


ALERTING UNIT Man Overboard, Sea Marshall® AU9

Lone Worker automatic digital personal locator beacon
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Automatic activation upon immersion
  • 40 second fail-safe override built in
  • 2 second auto-activation for lifejacket installation (can be reprogrammed back to standard 5 seconds)
  • 100mW and 500mW versions available
  • Includes lifejacket pouch
  • Includes antenna clip
  • Protects  you and your crew day and night
  • Long range homing signal on 121.5MHz
  • Can be tracked by SARfinder® or Coastguard
  • Robust marine construction (environmentally tested)
  • User replaceable battery + auto low battery indicator
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew
Description -Digital Man Overboard Alerting Unit (PLB)

Product Codes

AU9-LW 100mW
Live Frequency Unit -  AU9-LW 100mW LIVE-121.5MHz
Test Frequency Unit - AU9-LW 100mW  T1 121.65MHz
Test Frequency Unit - AU9-LW 100mW T2 121.775MHz

AU9-LW 500mW (recommended for long range Alert & Locate)
Live Frequency Unit -  AU9-LW 500mW LIVE-121.5MHz 
Test Frequency Unit - AU9-LW 500mW T1 121.65MHz
Test Frequency Unit  - AU9-LW 500mW T2 121.775MHz

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Crewguard MOB Remote Monitor

  • 24/7 monitoring of crew for Man Overboard
  • Fully automatic monitor alarm, high gain antenna
  • External Siren and Strobe light for visual MOB Alarm
  • 20m antenna cable, fixtures and fittings
  • Cabinet mounted
  • Easy to install & easy to use
  • MOB coverage 2 -3 miles radius to AU9-LW 100mW
  • MOB coverage 4 – 7 miles radius to AU9-LW 500mW
  • Combined GSM and landline auto-dialler…GSM* provides failsafe back up in the event the main line fails
  • Can be supplied with message and numbers pre-programmed in, enquire at time of purchase
(100mW or 500mW, AU9 power options available)

Ideal for providing MOB safety cover for Fish Farms. Already used by Marine Harvest In Ireland and Tasmania.
*must confirm compatibility with local telco 

Description – Lone Worker MOB remote monitor cabinet mounted Crewguard/combined GSM/ landline auto-dialler + 20m ant. cable.

Choose the power output of Alerting Unit your require:

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BASE UNIT  - Sea Marshall® SARfinder®1003

Man Overboard Alarm/Locating Unit with GPS Plot
  •  NEW heavy duty metal enclosure
  • NEW more compact robust antenna
  • New antenna connectors
  • 24/7 monitoring of crew
  • Monitors for & tracks ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Automatic Alert/Alarm of man overboard
  • Plots GPS position of boat at time of incident
  • Long distance tracking of ‘SOS’ signal from AU9
  • Easy to read LED compass style display
  • Allows you to quickly locate a missing person(s)
  • Gives confidence to you and your crew
(either 100mW or 500MW options available)

Description – SARfinder1003 MKIII MOB Locating Unit + NMEA 
CREWFIX, c/w AU9 T1 121.65MHZ, AU9 LIVE 121.5MHZ

Product Code – (SARfinder 1003  02-002-NMEA)

NOTE – For correct NMEA interface value please specify
the type of NMEA ouptut your GPS plotter has

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