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Sea Marshall® Helicopter Transit MOB Systems

Helicorpter Transit Over Water / Man Overboard Alert and Locate Solutions and Equipment

Who wanted to buy: CHC (Spain), CHC (Canada), Bond Helicopter, Tailisman, British Gas, Shell, Philips Conoco, Helikopter Service Norway< Kent Fire & Rescue, Baker Hughs, Exon Mobil, Suncor, Husky Energy, Haliburton

Why? There are really two basic choices for helicopter transit, one is a water activated PLB or a satellite 406 PLB. The problem with the 406 PLB is the method of using the 406 PLB. First you must deploy the antenna, then manually turn the unit on and the keep the 406 PLB straight up toward the sky. In addition the 406 PLB works best when the antenna is not wet, or in 3 meter swells or a fast current. 

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Helicopter Transit Emergency Locator Beacons

A new long range tracking Alerting Unit (PLB) which has been specifically developed for the offshore helicopter transit industry.
  1. Helicopter departs from platform
  2. Helicopter experiences a failure of some sort and is forced to ditch
  3. Crew exit helicopter, Alerting Units automatically activate after 5 seconds immersion (or 40 sec. override)
  4. SAR crews arrive on scene and home into 121.5MHz SOS signal from missing persons.

Alerting Unit - Series 9
Helicopter Transit

AU9-HT Alerting Unit - Series 9, Helicopter Transit
Fully automatic high power Personal Locator Beacon

  • Frequency: 121.5 MHz
  • Battery: 2 - 3V lithium CR AA pack, user replaceable.
  • Battery 10 year life (50% duty)
  • Endurance: average 24-30 hours transmitting (60 months approximately on standby/armed)
  • Product expected lifespan 10 years (with correct service and maintenance as laid out herein)
  • Dimensions : 90mm high - 70mm wide(body) 80mm hinge/base cap- 35mm deep
  • Modulation: Continuous swept tone A3X
  • Output power: 100mW
  • Temp range (storage): -55C to + 70C;
  • Approvals - CE, ED14-F part
  • Test Units: 121.65MHz and 121.775MHz
  • Activation - Manual & Automatic with manual override (salt and fresh water)
  • Antenna: 1m cable with flexible helical spring section, adaptable for lifejacket fitting
  • Strobe: inbuilt LED strobe on antenna flashes ‘SOS’.
  • ILS: internal loudspeaker 80dB
  • Weight: 250gms (approx)
  • Waterproofing IP-68
  • Fail-safe override function if unit is accidentally left switched off, it will still auto-activate after 40 seconds immersion.

Unit shown is fitted to SHARK LAP jacket (as used by UK offshore flight service)

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RT-600 (SAR-DF 517)
Multi-Band Direction Finder System for Airborne SAR 

The RT-600 (SAR-DF 517) is an SAR direction finder system for airborne SAR that operates on all frequency bands used for rescue missions, including emergency frequencies 121.500 MHz, 243.000 MHz and 406.028 MHz (Cospas-Sarsat) as well as channel 16 of the marine band. 

Emergency beacons that operate on the Cospas-Sarsat frequency 406.028 MHz can be identified and localized. No additional equipment is required in the aircraft since the electronic direction finding components are integrated into the a antenna.

The display and control unit consists of an 80-mm round instrument, and the graphic LCD display permits convenient viewing of localization and Cospas-Sarsat information.

Application This high-precision SAR direction finder system was designed specifically for use on board all aircraft, including helicopters.

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