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Jason's Cradle Survivor Recovery System

Jasonís Cradle's designed-in simplicity and speed has rescued many a man overboard survivor. Its ease of deployment and rapid MOB recovery has made it the overwhelming choice for maritime rescues.

It is now standard equipment on vessels involved with rescue, oil and gas companies, ferry operators, tug owners, fishermen, diver operators, as well as Navys and Coast Guards around the world.

The Jason's Cradle is fully SOLAS approved and guaranteed against manufacturing defect for three years after which time annual servicing will ensure it will provide a useful service life well in excess of 10 years.

It is manufactured using high specification plastics technology and linked together with 316 marine grade stainless steel to provide the strongest possible protection against corrosion.



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Because Jason's Cradle is a modular design different "kits" are offered to suit various applications

FRC Kits

MOB Recovery using the Jason's Cradle FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) Kit

The FRC kit consists of a Jason's Cradle with stowage bag and a fixing kit that enables the Cradle to be deployed on both the port and starboard side as required.

Deployment of the Cradle forms a non-collapsible scoop 
The FRC approaches the casualty slowly, keeping them on the windward side and the casualty is guided in the Cradle headfirst

A strop is pulled to close the loop 

A coordinated and methodical lift takes place and the casualty is retrieved by 'rolling' him over the tube into the rescue craft in the medically preferred horizontal position.

Even with very heavy bodies the lift takes just a few seconds due to the Cradle's 2 to 1 mechanical advantage

Stretcher Kits

MOB Recovery using a Jason's Cradle Floating Stretcher

When used as a floating stretcher, the Jason's Cradle is equipped with flotation tubes and strops, which can be adjusted to prevent snatching from a pitching vessel.

A rescue swimmer can be lowered into the water to retrieve an unconscious casualty 
Both rescuer and casualty can be recovered on the same stretcher at the same time. 

The stretcher can be operated from a Davit Crane or block and tackle.

Scramble Nets

MOB Recovery using a Jason's Cradle Scramble Net

The Jason's Cradle Scramble Net is simply fixed to a drop-rail to enable deployment within seconds. 

The Scramble net can be easily rolled-up for stowage. 

The Scramble net is rigid so it does not deform or snag when it is deployed. 

The easily accessible foot and handhold make climbing easy for the man overboard. 

If the casualty is too weak they can be hauled aboard horizontally without being crushed in the net. 

Large numbers of passengers and crew may simultaneously disembark in the event of an emergency.

Enclosed Lifeboat

MOB Recovery using the Jason's Cradle Fully Enclosed Lifeboat Kit (FELBK)

The FELBK kit consists of a Jason's Cradle with stowage bag and a Stainless Steel mounting davit with block and tackle. 
The casualty is approached upwind to form a lee. 

The Cradle is lowered into the water to form a scoop. 

When the casualty has been positioned centrally in the Cradle the lift is made using a block and tackle. 

When the casualty is at the correct height he may be slewed into the lifeboat hatch. 

The Cradle may be used to form a chute to help maneuver the casualty through the hatch and into the lifeboat.


Jason`s Cradle offers a range of products for the recovery of survivors from the water in many diverse situations. Whether it is high or low freeboard, a dockside or a ferry, this versatile product can be adapted to suit the requirement. 

Accessories available for Jason`s Cradle include:

  • Recovery Davit - with deck, bulkhead or vehicle mounting
  • Digital Winch - with cable system
  • Stowage Container - neat & compact - may be wall mounted

Scramble nets, three widths Diameter Stowage Product Code
2 foot 4 inches wide
Up to 1m Freeboard - 710mm wide 370mm 1MC-JCSTD04A
1m to 1.5m Freeboard - 710mm wide 390mm 1MC-JCSTD04B
1.5m to 2m Freeboard - 710mm wide 420mm 1MC-JCSTD04C
2m to 2.5m Freeboard - 710mm wide 430mm 1MC-JCSTD04D
2.5m to 3m Freeboard - 710mm wide 460mm 1MC-JCSTD04E
2 foot 11 inches wide
Up to 1m Freeboard - 880mm wide 370mm 1MC-JCSTD05A
1m to 1.5m Freeboard - 880mm wide 390mm 1MC-JCSTD05B
1.5 to 2m Freeboard - 880mm wide      420mm 1MC-JCSTD05C
2m to 2.5m Freeboard - 880mm wide 430mm 1MC-JCSTD05D 
2.5m to 3m Freeboard - 880mm wide 460mm 1MC-JCSTD05E
3 foot 5 inches wide
Up to 1m Freeboard - 1050mm wide 370mm 1MC-JCSTD06A
1m to 1.5m Freeboard - 1050mm wide 390mm 1MC-JCSTD06B
1.5m to 2m Freeboard - 1050mm wide 420mm 1MC-JCSTD06C
2m to 2.5m Freeboard - 1050mm wide 430mm 1MC-JCSTD06D
2.5m to 3m Freeboard - 1050mm wide 460mm 1MC-JCSTD06E
FRC or Fast Rescue Craft nets
(530mm wide) for Craft Length <5m 350mm 1MC-JCFRC003
(710mm wide) for Craft Length >5m 350mm 1MC-JCFRC004
Jason's Cradle Stretcher - Length 1580mm  1MC-JCSTR009
Jason's Cradle Stretcher - Length 1940mm 1MC-JCSTR011
*Jasonís Cradle Scramble Nets
- Bespoke Service From 1240mm to 2100mm wide in most lengths

Please contact us with freeboard measurement and type of boat and we will then send you a custom quotation