Sea Marshall® Man Overboard Alert & Rescue Systems give an immediate warning of a MOB Event and the ability to quickly track and locate the missing person as a Self-Managed rescue or Coast Guard Assisted rescue.

MARKUS Lifenets provide reach, rescue & retrieval for various applications, wharfs, jetties, work platform, FRC’s, tugs, pilots boats, lifeboats and SOLAS vessels. Includes the rescue lines, ladders, nets and cradles.

The Jason's Cradle® MOB system is used globally in maritime military, commercial, rescue and leisure applications. Commercial units are fully SOLAS approved and are essential to MOB recovery and evacuation system.

The AutoCrew system provides operational awareness during an emergency situation. Immediate reporting of roll call for each facility station. Automatic reports and exportable data.

Mobilarm Crewsafe Alert and Tracking MOB device newest generation of man overboard (MOB) devices that protects you and your crew from falling overboard undetected and enable rescuers to locate casualties.

Sea Marshall MOB Rescue Systems

Alert / Alarm / Locate / Rescue

Jetty, Wharf, Pier

Lost Scuba Diver
Oil & Gas Industry
General Maritime
Submariner Escape
Work Boats
Helicopter Transport

Search & Rescue

What's New In Marine Rescue

Tanker Vesssel: MOB Locator Device to the Rescue

Nigeria: Maritime Locator Device to the Rescue

Nexus between offshore safety, technological advancement in oil, gas sector

MRT Marine Safety Products

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406 Local Emergency Receiver

The 406 Local Emergency Receiver is a
highly effective 406 beacon decoder/receive


Overboard rescue and recovery system

Reach and Rescue Pole

Long reach telescopic pole for water and
martime rescue and recovery

AutoCrew Reporting System

AutoCrew™ is an IT based solution that automates accountability of personnel on board (POB) or personnel on premise, including time and attendance for safety meetings. In addition the system tracks in real time, attendance at gathering points or muster points during drills or emergency evacuations.

Sea Marshall® Man Overboard Systems give an immediate warning of a Man Overboard Event and the ability to very quickly track and locate the missing person either as a Self-Managed rescue or Coast Guard Assisted rescue.

A simple and highly effective 2-part system, an alert (transmitter) and a base unit (direction finder receiver).  Alerts are easily integrated into work life vests and are automatically activated after the MOB is in the water for 5 seconds.  The system provides an immediate alarm to the crew and the direction finder (DF) receiver provides precision direction to successfully managed a rescue.

Maritime Safety Consulting, Design & Installation Services

Each installation situation has its specific requirements.
Providing individual solutions for your task is what we do. We provide pplication consulting, including installation proposal, sample construction and thorough product and design consultation. Systems and standards will be defined in a dialog with our customers.

Step-by-step to custom-tailored products.
As a development partner, we will support you from the first draft to system installation. We bring a pool of engineers, specialists,  installation technicians and experienced application consultants together to ensure optimal, custom solutions.

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